“Breaking Barriers: Unveiling the Struggle for Success in ’12th Fail'”

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Every so often, a film emerges that resonates profoundly with its audience, laying bare the struggles inherent in our lives and reigniting the conviction to fight for what is just.

In the case of “12th Fail,” a cinematic masterpiece crafted by the visionary Vidhu Vinod Chopra, this narrative has woven itself into the collective consciousness of the youth in Bangladesh.

The film serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges we face, while inspiring a renewed dedication to the pursuit of righteousness.

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The relentless pursuit of financial stability and a modest standard of living strikes a chord with numerous young individuals who perceive the socioeconomic landscape as inherently unfair and unjust.

The film delves into this universal sentiment, capturing the essence of a generation grappling with the inherent challenges posed by a system that often appears to be neither fair nor just.

According to Hamim Islam

A University of Dhaka student actively engaged in debating, films often highlight themes of incompetence and systemic breakdowns when portraying the everyday struggles of common people.

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He asserts that these movies serve as a testament to the reality that the majority of ordinary individuals find themselves ensnared by foreseeable challenges rather than complex matters like rocket science or intricate business analytics.

While critiquing films of this nature through a broad perspective might cast them as potentially toxic portrayals, “12th Fail” takes a unique approach.

The movie is meticulously crafted through the lens of a young boy from a lower-middle-income family, providing a nuanced depiction of the introduction of exams into their lives.

It explores the enduring impact on families over the years and highlights rare instances, such as Manoj’s story, where an individual rises above the challenges.

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Objectively, the film lays bare the flaws in the system, shedding light on issues like unhygienic coaching center facilities, dusty libraries, and the commercialization of education.The movie’s exceptional inspiration lies in its unfiltered realism.

The stark contrast between the landscapes of Manoj’s village and the bustling hallways of the capital city unveils distinct layers of privilege among students from these diverse areas.

Kashfia Hasan Safa

Sharing her perspective, a student at Bangladesh University of Professionals, expressed, “I found the entire narrative remarkably true to life, exceeding my expectations for a two-hour film.

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Honestly, what resonated with me the most about the character was how Hindi medium students are unfairly stigmatized simply based on language.”

Through its sensitive narration, the film humanizes its characters, forcing audiences to confront widespread discrimination. Hamim emphasized, “Rather than being a toxic promotion, this movie serves as a wake-up call, prompting us to question why the system persists in this manner after all these years.

It implicitly challenges us to ponder why individuals like Manoj, emerging from challenging backgrounds, are the ones compelled to instigate change.”

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In the midst of economic struggles and personal isolation, the film gracefully underscores the importance of interpersonal connections. Ibrahim Hasan, a current student at the University of Dhaka, conveyed, “In my perspective, ’12th Fail’ encapsulates the essence of what the youth aspire to be and what they opt to become.

Whether it’s facing a competitive exam or making a life-altering choice, the film suggests that, coupled with the love and support from those around, an extraordinary harmony is forged, destined to lead to triumph.”

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“12th Fail” serves as a poignant reminder that despite the inherent disparities in opportunities, our collective effort should be to level the playing field.

Safa further elaborated, saying, “The film vividly illustrates how a small act of kindness from the DSP officer altered the aspirations of a village boy who perhaps never dared to dream before.

I appreciated the portrayal of how, in our pursuit, we may stumble and make significant mistakes. What truly matters is the resilience to start anew.

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And when reaching the pinnacle seems insurmountable, extending a helping hand to those following in your footsteps becomes crucial—guiding them through the pitfalls and stakes that took you considerable time to comprehend.”

Through a vivid depiction of sweat and tears, success and failure, the film prompts reflection on the delicate balance between personal merit and systemic discrimination.

It poses the poignant question of to what extent an individual’s success can be attributed to personal achievements, and conversely, how much is influenced by the pervasive impact of systemic discrimination.

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