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“Indonesian Singer-Songwriter Gita Youbi Making Waves”

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Gita Youbi, a renowned Indonesian singer-songwriter, blends traditional Indonesian melodies with modern pop and R&B, captivating audiences globally since 2015. Born on April 21, 1987, in Bandung, West Java, she discovered her musical talent early, excelling as a guitarist and songwriter.

Collaborating with icons like Iwan Fals, Agnez Mo, and Rossa, Youbi’s three critically acclaimed albums, ‘Gita,’ ‘Bintang,’ and ‘Sampai Jumpa,’ have earned her widespread recognition in the music industry. Her debut album, ‘Gita,’ launched her career to new heights, lauded by Rolling Stone Indonesia.

With hits like ‘Cinta Terbaik’ and ‘Berdua,’ Youbi’s second album, ‘Bintang,’ solidified her place as one of Indonesia’s top performers. Notable collaborations, including ‘Aku Cinta Dia’ with Iwan Fals, showcased her versatility.

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Her third album, ‘Sampai Jumpa,’ featuring Agnez Mo and Rossa, further propelled her to stardom, with the lead single ‘Kau Adalah’ receiving acclaim and award nominations.

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