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“Marissa DuBois: Criminology Graduate turned Influential Creator”

Female in green swimsuit relaxing on poolside chair.

Marissa DuBois, also known as Reality with Riss, is an American model, content creator, and influential figure in the digital space. From her beginnings in academia to her thriving presence on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, Marissa’s journey captivates and inspires millions worldwide.

In an indoor setting, a woman wearing a white dress strikes a pose for a photo shoot. The focus is on her shoulder, waist, stomach, thigh, and hip, accentuated by the sleeveless shirt.

Her educational path led her from private school to criminology studies at FSU, but it was her travels across Morocco, China, and Thailand that ignited her passion for digital entrepreneurship.

Returning home, Marissa immersed herself in the world of content creation, mastering internet platforms and marketing strategies while working as a waitress.

Woman in red bikini seated in red convertible car, enjoying beach view.
Fashionable woman in dress and sandals standing on outdoor staircase, emphasizing her chic style.

Her dedication paid off as her TikTok and YouTube accounts skyrocketed in popularity, showcasing her unique blend of fitness, fashion, and travel content.

Marissa’s story isn’t just about personal success—it’s about empowering others to pursue their passions and embrace the digital landscape’s endless possibilities.

Female in swimsuit relaxing on chair by beach, enjoying sun under cloudy sky.

As she continues to inspire millions with her authenticity and creativity, Marissa DuBois’s journey serves as a testament to the boundless potential of those who dare to carve their own path in the digital age.

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