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“Natalia Lozano: Spanish Plus-Size Model and Body Positive Icon”

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Natalia Lozano, a Spanish plus-size model and body positive activist, has garnered attention for her empowering Instagram posts promoting body diversity and self-love. Born on April 6, 1989, in Madrid, Spain, she is 31 years old and an Aries by astrological sign.

Lozano’s passion for fashion and advocacy is evident in her role as a brand ambassador for FashionNovaCurve and pprimor, where she promotes inclusivity and diversity.

Raised in Spain, Natalia Lozano’s love for dogs is evident, as she is a proud mom to five furry companions. Her Instagram account, with over 450,000 followers, showcases her modeling career, featuring collaborations with notable brands like Pretty Little Thing and FashionNovaCurve.

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Lozano, with her celebrated voluptuous figure, stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall, boasting body measurements of 34-31-44 inches, complemented by dark hair and brown eyes.

As a body positive influencer, Natalia Lozano inspires her followers with her confidence and authenticity, challenging societal beauty standards. Her commitment to promoting self-acceptance and embracing one’s unique beauty resonates with her diverse audience.

With her platform, she continues to advocate for inclusivity in the fashion industry and beyond, encouraging individuals to love themselves unconditionally.

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