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“Peya Bipasha: A Journey of Success and Glamour”

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Peya Bipasha, a Bangladeshi-American actress and model, rose to fame through her participation in Lux Channel I Superstar competition. Born in ’91, Peya Bipasha rose to fame as a model, featured prominently in Vaseline Billboard and Grameen Phone ads.

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A woman in a black dress striking a pose on a balcony, with a fence unintentionally stealing the spotlight. #PhotoBomb #FashionistaWannaBe

Transitioning to television, she showcased her acting skills in popular dramas like “Ditio Matra” and “Trade Fair.” In films, she starred in “Rudro the Lover,” “Moner Raja,” and “Janemon.”

In New York, Peya Bipasha, married to an American businessman, juggles IT work with skincare brand modeling.

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Despite her success abroad, Peya expresses a desire to work on select projects in Bangladesh. With a massive Instagram following of 1.8 million, she remains a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences worldwide.

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