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Tifa: Bangladeshi Beauty Shines at Paris Fashion Week”

Outdoor photo shoot featuring woman in green dress smiling with long hair.

“Towhida Tusnim Tifa, the reigning Miss Grand Bangladesh, captivates Paris Fashion Week as Bangladesh’s proud representative. With a string of prestigious titles, Tifa’s talent shines on the global stage, affirming her status as a beacon of Bangladeshi beauty and grace.

Tifa’s journey from Miss World Bangladesh runner-up to Miss Universe Bangladesh top 10 finalist showcases her unstoppable drive and passion for the industry. As the youngest judge in Bangladeshi beauty pageants, she inspires inclusivity and diversity in every facet of her work.

An image of a woman in a dress on a red carpet at a premiere event. The photo includes text promoting a photography carnival event.
Woman in blue dress standing on street near vehicle.

Beyond the runway, Tifa’s commitment to social activism and philanthropy is unwavering. Through her foundation, she champions education and nourishment for underprivileged children, embodying the spirit of kindness and empathy. With the support of her community and dedicated partners, Tifa continues to elevate her platform, spreading joy and empowerment worldwide.”

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